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Improving the Audio System in Your Entertainment Hub

House Surround Sound System Tips

Buying a pair or set of speakers do not guarantee the quality of sound. If you’re someone who is revamping your home theater, you might consider improving the overall sound of your speakers by buying expensive ones. This is a mistake most homeowners commit. If you want to improve your house surround sound system as a whole, spending is not the only escape. Here are some tips to help you:

Try to rearrange the furniture near your speakers

When there is something blocking the speaker, it will deflect the sound and make it go in any direction. If you fancy furniture in the room, try to move them aside in a way that the speakers are open and free. If you can, it’s highly advisable to lessen the furniture in the room in order to have a solid compact space where sound can move freely. Your audio system should also be arranged properly because the location is a factor when you want to receive quality sound from them.


Your house surround sound system should be installed accordingly to its purpose and to the room size. If your speaker has only one subwoofer and you’re aiming to achieve a crispy and exploding bass, your speaker might get damaged in the future.

Contain the bass

Once you’re done setting up your house surround sound system, it’s time to trap your bass in order to fully experience what a home theater is all about. If you notice when you’re inside the cinema, the bass just resound all around the room. If you’re looking for such an effect without actually buying a lot of speakers and subwoofers, you can add a fiberglass trap. This is an effective and efficient material when it comes to containing the bass of the sound. It also filters echoes and other dead spots.

These are some of the tips on how you can improve the overall sound of your speakers and give you that feeling that you’re inside a cinema. Companies like MSI Pro Audio & Video Solutions in Brandywine, MD providers quality and affordable audio and video solution needs. Call (301) 753-8229 for more details.